Inspiration Quote.. what does it means to you…

Hi all…

Another week had been passed since my last blog published, I am wondering what i had been done for last week except my hectic work. Think in depth, it’s almost nothing except the workload stress which I need to be done (even not able to finish sometimes).

The bundle of assignment which I yet to kick start making me feel demotivated/down/upset, and stress. I feel that my time always not enough to settle all the things that I having now. Some of my friend said, pursing phD/DBA need to read a lot and keep reading to improve and get more knowledge to identify what you want do in your thesis later on. I thought to myself even my assignment leave it there not yet started and due date is approaching. Those kind of thought really killing me, and even think of work vs. study need to scarify either one.

One of my colleague, who is sending me a quote daily giving me power to move on even though I am not telling him that what I was suffering at this moment, but when I got quote from him, which is inspiring and keeping me moving forward. He might not know just a quote per day that helping me so much to align my thought to “positive track” to look at the problem in positive way, and solve it. Inspiring quote it’s act as mentor (the way i called that) to motivate you in such way to let you think in depth what is the quote mean to you and how you going to digest it in different way and further react on that to your issue/problem/thought to overcome that. Why I think like that way, because of the quotes simply comes from connection. The connection of feelings and words. Feelings within one’s soul is just human nature; words are a way of expressing those feelings. Often we connect with quotes as a way of expression what we are feeling within that day or at that moment within your life.

As a return, I do the same thing to others too by forwarding the quote. It’s may be inspired someone who is sitting in same shoes (I hope not) and keep them get moving during their hard time. Quotes are presented in many forms from digital image, posters, prints, mugs, stationary and even tattooed upon one’s skin, aha… the easiest way is digital image which can find it from internet as done by my colleague…

Lastly, thanks to him …

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