Comforting Lies vs. Unpleasant Truths


How you all interpreted this message as below? Ask yourself, that which one are you prefer to believe?

truth-lies-people-prefering-comforting-above-unpleasant-truths-49091190While I tried to introduce unit trust investment to my clients with all the necessary fact which I had provided to show that this investment scheme basically is under regulation protected (Security Commission) which is legal in this country. However, after I had finished my explanation, some of my clients told me that the return of this scheme basically is not as high as they “heard-said” from their’s friend, which was “Promise or Guarantee” high return rate that is super duper impossible in every month. As a return, I asked them a very common sense question to verify the statement isn’t true. Their feedback was uncertain and not even can tell their supportive fact behind so-called “high return” scheme instead. When most of my question was not answered properly by them, they try to avoid and become a denial. Our conversation was not able to continue at the further stage.

Some of my clients told me that they even invested a huge amount of money blindly by the “comforting lies” of sweet mouth teller and hoping to double or more triple return of their money in monthly basis. Some of “fake” scheme, will realize “the high return” in few months to gain the trust of their investor and even influence their client invest even more from the first investment. They have been blinded by the greed of money and thought they will be a millionaire by multiplying their wealth in short period. At the end of the day, they just realized that the investment company that they invested after few months suddenly was vanished suddenly.

The above was the unpleasant truth and comforting lies, whereby people “likely” to go at comporting lies and ignore the unpleasant truth. Investment in a sense that, need “time” to compound their return and that is a certain level of risk which investor has to take. There is no such “risk-free with high return” scheme as far I concern. While they heard those “fact” which is transparent to them which had been killed their “investment mood” to proceed further to close the sale. Anyway, I have no right to force him/her to follow my way, but I already explained to them “unpleasant truth” is the right “choice” to compound your wealth.

The choice is at their hand, I have not right to interfere further at this stage, and only wishing them “good luck”

I … moving to next client


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