Busy Dude! Time Management May Help

Hi Readers,

I bet most of you reading my blog here must be carrying a lot of tasks within yourself, including me as well. As for me, I am currently as workers which are attached to a company and at the same time pursuing my study whereby I need to handle a lot of matters (related to work/schedule/follow up/meetings, and assignment from class), which is 24 hours a day seems that is not enough for me to cover all the tasks. I hope I was given 48 or even more a day to cover all the task accordingly. Proverb always said “the story of success always begins with a dream”, my dream (48 hours a day) has never happened, and don’t cry for further on this dream to be true in one day. As a substitution, getting your time management right is the key to tackle this issue and even can increase your efficiency as a return.

Please have look below is the main four categories whereby we called the 1st Quadrant (Top Left) is basically classified as Urgent and Important, 2nd Quadrant (Top Right) classified as Important but not so urgent, 3rd Quadrant (Bottom Left) classified as Urgent but Not so important and last Quadrant (Bottom Right) classified as Not important and Not urgent


Please take me with you! Put all the task according to a label in the quadrant


This is very important to understand label of the quadrant first before we can move it further to segregate the task into each quadrant correctly.

Everyone has their own task definition of urgency and depend on the individual how to classify it accordingly. However, I would give some common example for each of quadrant for you to treat it as a references from time to time. Quadrant-1 you may think of crises/emergencies which happens out of your expectation and need you act on it to resolve before it’s getting worse. The tasks that approaching the deadline (it’s will impact your own/others/company benefit if not able to complete after dateline). It’s a good practice to keep Q-1 as less task as possible (not including the emergencies/crisis that is unexpected). Next would be the Q-2 such as building the long-term solution such as relationship building, practice your skills, knowledge for the future betterment which is important but none so urgent to complete. Q-3 consider those interruptions or distractions which is most of you faced during your work environment such dealing with the emails which are not related to our main task, dealing others’ colleagues to give some advice to their work, phone calls. Q-4 can be defined as “waste”, such as web surfing, chatting, gossip, idling, excessive gaming and etc.

I believe that after segregation “your tasks” and list it down, dump into this 4 quadrants and you have a much more clear picture which task you need to attend first and put more effort to finish before another. From that, you will able to handle task well by visualizing and update the quadrant task periodically. Practice makes perfect, and I believe this method can make yourself to be more efficient in future betterment.








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