Big Data? How Big Is Big?

Hi readers,

Today, I am writing the data which is big! Last week, my lecture had shown us a video clip which is the length was more than 45 minutes and she had required us to make some comment or thought about the big data after watched the video. At first, I was attracted to the video’s content, but I couldn’t stand awake after 20 minutes later (keep tried very hard to open my eye, to finish up the show), and at the end of the video, only part of content I might be captured.

In very layman term, big data is something big! That is all. In order to know what is the size of date from small to big, here is the example to describe.

big data.png

From many previous years ago, the size of data just like one grain of rice, a cup of rice (byte, kilobyte) and until nowadays it’s reaching the size like an elephant, of course, we are not going to use the elephant describe the size of the data but by we using the scientific term which is Zettabyte (Ops! I will be starting with more scientific term anyways, hope you stay tuned with me, … please).

“There is something that is so big that they have implications for everyone, whether we want it or not?”. WE mostly attaching to the internet nowadays right with our palm of the machine (smartphone) and this is where is the basic idea behind the phrase of “big data” is that everything we do is increasingly leaving a digital trace (or data), which we (and others) can use and analyses. Big data, therefore, refers to our ability to make use of the ever-increasing volumes of data.

How they do it? How?

Your daily activity, for example, the book you search online, the music you listen to via music streaming, and where you use your credit card, how much you spend, and even the smartphone you use will help to collect your behavior usage.

Most of our conversation data has been digitally recorded it’s because we usually become habits on leaving our comments, review on social media, like Facebook, Twitter for example.  Last but not least, we too rely on the chatroom for our daily conversation not limited to leisure and working affairs instead.  As a result, those app running on smartphone recorded and storing your data at elsewhere on the internet, and let others grab for data analysis.  It’s same apply to the photo, video or image data which is sharing/uploading to social media from nowhere as long as you are “connected”.

After all, those data which is big volume comes to a stage that being analyzed by the tools with their purposes or intention for example in banking, healthcare, education, manufacturing, government and retail and etc in order to come out with the good info to be a good reference for making the decision. Of course, mentioned about the tools it’s long long long and very technical description that going to tell. It’s maybe next time will share more about that.




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