2nd Income, part 3 – Fund Investment

Hi Readers,

I think if you guys read through my previous blog which was sharing before (it’s easy and encourage to read it first) about your “2nd income con’t”, you may continue of my sharing here how I help my client to invest the money into the funds that are available in fund management house, and this is my duty to ensure my client to gain the most during the market condition good, and minimize the loss during the bad market was bad. However, I still stand with my last stand – no guaranteed return to my client to avoid client misunderstanding of money investment is 0% risk and high return.


This graph is the first thing to let my client know that, the return and risk theory in very layman term.   Higher risk is associated with greater probability of higher return and lower risk with a greater probability of smaller return.  The keywords are written in the graph basically can tally with the type of the fund that is available to the market at this moment whereby the group of fund manager (e.g. Manulife Asset Management Services) responsible each type of the fund (e.g. Cash Defensive Conservative, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive). From this graph, clients may know which fund has a greater probability of higher return (I will not hesitate to inform they are taking a high risk).

Most of the client will stop me from being explain further because they think is not necessary to know more and leave everything to me (I just want to say, my name reputation is good, grin). However, I will further explain in brief by sending company link so clients may refer the info from the website whereby that info should know my client as follow,

a. Prospectus – giving the general information [can be downloaded in anytime] which has been registered with Securities Commission. In layman term, this is legal and transparent.

b. Fund Information – consist of objective of fund investment, suitable of which type of risk profile customer [risk indicator], history of performance of this fund (history of performance does not imply to the future of performance in the market due to market is volatile), fund detail which is including the TOP 10 Holdings and Asset Sector Allocation chart that they invested in.

fund fact sheet.png


Thus, client will clear where their money is investing in.

c. Fund Performance Graph – clients are welcomed to the website to check each fund performance in daily, yearly and do a comparison with another fund to know their history performance themselves. You may feel free to print the performance chart for future reference.

fund performance

d. Online Client Personal Account

Is a facility to client to get in account to know  their profile status, e.g. personal information, which fund they invested in, current return, switching fund online (client may have right to switch or let advisor switch on behalf), and my planner which is able to forecast your money accumulation in future base on your input by today.



This is how I approach my client by following the explanation flow until close the sale with clients.

Please feel free to contact me if you interested to enroll. Let money work for you!!!


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